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Expedited Freight Service california

Avail the Best Expedited Freight Service in California

Expedited Freight Service with Committed Freight

In a time crunch? Feel free to contact us. We offer expedited LTL and FTL options in case you have a shipment needing to meet a targeted delivery date. With access to a vast amount of carriers with unique capabilities, we can streamline your supply chain whenever you need it. Please reach out to us on our quote form or email all the details of your expedited freight service requirements. We will immediately get to work on taking care of your shipment. We also provide regular updates while your shipment is in transit to keep you assured of meeting your timeframe.

Expedited Freight california

Benefits of Expedited Freight Service in California

What Makes Expedited Freight Service in California the Right Choice?

At Committed Freight, our expedited freight service eliminates as many possible stops or hang-ups carriers might experience to ensure it gets to its destination in the timeliest manner. In addition to that, as it offers short transit times and dedicated trucks, it is not the cheapest way to ship freight. Take a look at some of the advantages of our expedited freight service in California:

  • Guaranteed delivery time
  • The guaranteed delivery outweighs the price (and risk) of poor customer service
  • Real-time status notifications enhance visibility
  • It typically has fewer touchpoints, so there are fewer chances for damaged goods
  • Expedited logistics minimize the amount of processing time therefore decreasing delivery time to the consumer.
Expedited Freight Service california city

From improved shipment visibility to the more accurate tracking of information, to quicker speeds, our expedited freight service is assisting the largest and smallest customers by ensuring deliveries are on time and with the utmost standards of quality.

Should you be looking for a reliable freight shipping company that caters to your logistics needs and offers the best expedited freight service in California at optimal rates, you can consider getting in touch with us. To get a free quote, call us today.