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LTL Freight Service california

LTL Shipping and Freight Services

Avail Top-Notch LTL Freight Services in California

Do you have a business of shipping goods across the USA? Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you only have a few boxes of goods to move but your carrier is quoting you for a full truck?

Fret not! At Committed Freight, we provide the best LTL freight service in California at competitive rates. We can efficiently organize regional, long-haul, low-volume, and high-volume (less than truckload) LTL freight service across the USA. With a vast network of partner carriers to choose from and available accessorial services to cover pickup or delivery needs, we can provide pricing options based on overall cost and transit time.

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What Constitutes an LTL shipment?

LTL shipments are typically ones between the weights of 150 to 19,999 pounds. A low-volume LTL shipment is considered 150 to 6,999 pounds. A high-volume LTL shipment is considered 7,000 to 19,999 pounds.

Pickup Information for an LTL Shipment

Typically, LTL carriers require a 2-hour pickup window, and most carriers require a shipment to be booked for pickup no later than 3:00 pm. If the pickup is in a remote location, booking requests may need 1 business day before pickup for the LTL carrier to schedule.

LTL Freight california

Advantages of Our LTL Shipping and Freight Services

  • It’s the most cost-effective transportation option because you only pay for the room on the truck your shipment requires.
  • Our transportation management software allows you to track your shipment online.
  • We conduct an extensive inspection for the safety of your goods from both environmental and physical damage.
  • When you use our LTL freight service, you won’t have to wait for customers to place enough orders to fill up an entire truckload before shipping items out.
  • Once you hand over your shipment to our team, you can feel confident that your package will stay safe until it reaches its final destination.

Should you be looking for a reliable freight shipping company that caters to your logistics needs and offers the best LTL freight service in California at optimal rates, you can consider getting in touch with us. To get a free quote, call us today.