What is FTL Freight Service & When do You Need it?

In the digital era, with online connections and online marketing techniques, international business possibilities have increased to a large extent. To run your business successfully and internationally, you should make the right choice when it comes to selecting the freight service. Transportation of goods doesn’t only include loading and unloading at source and destination. It also incorporates selecting the correct mode of transportation, choosing a reliable freight shipping provider, and considering many other factors for speedy and cost-effective transportation. Generally speaking, truckload freight shipping represents one of the quickest and flexible modes of transportation over land, particularly in the United States.

However, when it comes to shipping by ground freight, LTL and FTL freight service make up a majority of the available options. Today, we will highlight all the important aspects of FTL freight service. Let’s dig in!

FTL Freight Service California

What is FTL Freight Service?

With FTL shipping, the shipper has cargo that’s large enough to fill the entire space of the trailer in terms of weight and/or volume. It is an efficient mode of freight shipping if you want to ship items weighing over 15,000 lbs. using cross-border road transport to a single destination. Utilizing FTL service, a business’s goods are the only goods in the trailer, which means you will need to pay the entire cost of moving the goods from one location to another.

Capabilities and Service Area

Before you engage a company for FTL freight service, you need to make sure that the company caters to your logistics needs and offers optimal services. The ability to scale with your business is crucial as it ensures you would not have to go to another company when your business expands into new markets or needs to utilize different technology. Here are a few questions you should ask the company before availing the FTL services:

1. Do you offer shipments to multiple locations?
2. Can you transport temperature-sensitive goods?
3. If my shipment needs special handling, can you go beyond standard truckload service?

Advantages of Availing FTL Freight Service

FTL is best for transporting high-value and sensitive cargo or shipments. Also, it guarantees on-time pick-ups and deliveries. Take a look at some of the top benefits of availing FTL:

Less Damage: As full truckload shipments have lesser touchpoints compared to LTL shipments, they are generally less susceptible to damages.

Faster Delivery Times: When you opt for FTL freight service in California, your freight is kept safely on one truck for its entire journey. It removes all the additional steps required in LTL shipping and speeds up the process to a great extent.

As FTL shipments are delivered to a preferred location, time is not wasted on stopping to pick up other cargo and the speed is also maintained perfectly to reach the destination in the given timeframe.
Ideal for a Variety of Shipments: FTL is an ideal shipping method for transporting large, delicate, high-risk, non-stackable, or hazardous cargo. The small added expense of FTL shipment is significantly lower than the damage cost in an LTL shipment.

Cost-Effective: If shipments are large enough to require the entire use of a trailer’s space, it could be more cost-effective than booking multiple LTL shipments.

Wrapping Up:
FTL is the best transportation option when security needs to be given top priority. Whether the shipment is of very high value, hazardous, or very fragile, it’s best to send it to its destination via FTL. Should you be looking for a trusted freight shipping company that offers the best FTL freight service at cost-effective rates, contact Committed Freight. For details, call @ (714) 736-9041.